We pioneered it, then we improved it.

We didn't just change the design, we changed what can be expected of your bike's suspension. The world's first truly accessible, rearward trajectory axle path on a bike specifically built for Enduro Racing.

Small-bump compliance, big hit performance.

Because of i-track's patented rearward axle trajectory, the ENR's suspension has better small-bump compliance early in its travel without compromising big-hit performance, as is the case with conventional suspension designs.

Long travel and pedal efficiency can co-exist.

Just because the ENR is built for the roughest conditions enduro racing has to offer, doesn't mean it's not perfect for the weekend trail junkee. We've built a bike that is just as at home on the descents as it is on the climbs, thanks to a stable pedal platform delivered through it's oblique compression angle during pedaling and pumping. This means your i-track suspension is working with you, all the time.

Plush and planted, nimble and playful.

The ENR's patented i-track suspension takes care of the hard work, so you can focus on negotiating the trail. Smooth through the chattery corners, free of "hang ups" just like a soft suspension setup, but with the nimble, re-activeness of a stiffer setup when you need it. It's the best of both worlds.

Customer Service is at the heart of everything we do.

Protecting your investment is paramount to us, and we believe this begins with you knowing we're right here, and available to answer your questions - not some random dude on the end of the phone, but the owners and designers of Craftworks. So don't be shy, we're here to help!

What our customers say

The ENR is such dialled bike! The rearward axle path not only means that the bike maintains its momentum over sharp hits, but also creates more stability the tougher the terrain gets. It’s an addictive sensation, to have a bike that feels more comfortable the harder and faster you push it. With the new model on its way early 2019, I can’t wait to swing a leg over it. I'm so amped on this bike!

Chris Jenkins

I tell you what, despite having only set the sag on the rear shock and leaving the rest untouched this thing is an absolute joy to ride. I'll be dialing in some better manners for the truly gnarly terrain but credit goes to you guys,  you've designed and built a true masterpiece of a bike.

Joel Wooley

I've had quite a few carbon bikes that plow through the rough terrain, but in no way have they stood up to the same punishment I've dealt to my ENR. I stripped the ENR for the first time this week after one and half years, bearings are holding up, creaks are gone and it rides like new again. If you want something that can slap down a rock garden, can hang air, climbs well and flicks through the tech sections, then won't bitch and moan, get around an ENR.

Julian Howard

If you want a bike that pedals better than Lance Armstrong on the gear, Pumps harder than Arnie in the 70's, and Skips over the rough stuff faster than a politician, than the ENR is for you. Fast. Nimble, and smooth are the three words needed to describe this bike

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