Our Story

1996 to 2004

Back in the mid 90’s Robert Crafter was working for the big importer Repco Cycles. In this time he saw a lot of how to run a bike company and how some of the big wigs got it wrong. In frustration of a complete neglect for high end performance mountain bikes, Rob started working with a manufacturer to produce something that lived up to his expectation.

Due to the conflict of interest with already working for another bicycle company, Rob’s buddies started calling these new bikes “Craftworks” – and the name stuck. It wasn’t long before Robert went out on this own in 1996 and expanded the brand around Australian and then onto the global market with models like the XCR, Rail, FRM125 and DHR208.

2006 to present

In 2005 Craftworks had taken a break for a couple of years to pursue other interests, however many loyal customers and followers of the brand were hungry for new product.  Coincidently at this time Kain was working for Bicycle Express; one of Adelaide premier bicycle shops that stocked Craftworks products. Riding and racing Craftworks products since moving to Adelaide to study, Kain knew the product and loyal customs well. With many followers of the brand enquiring where the new Craftworks product was, Kain decided to look at teaming up with Robert to bring the next generation of Craftworks bike to market.

Developing new product to be manufactured overseas was too much of a stretch on time and resources for one person alone. The only solution to continue with Craftworks was to move all design and development back on the ground in Australia: with Kain’s background in design, CAD and manufacturing the fit meant this could be achieved.

Craftworks forged forward, refining the current prototypes into the production. FRX V1 was the first to roll out soon to be followed by the S1 V2.

Craftworks Cycles has a strong heritage of racing from the company’s inception back in 1996. Racing has always provided the platform for accelerated product development, ensuring our products live up to expectation of the most demanding athlete. Over the years Craftworks has supported many junior and up and coming racers through the ranks. Some of these riders have gone onto becoming national and even world champions.  


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